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Sat, September 5 2015

just read your "what every christian woman should know about divorce".... all i can say is wow and thanks. i wish i had a single moms event to plan and invite you!!! there are not enough single mom support groups. even my church was cold about it. i believe we are the american version of widows and orphans the bible talks about. pray for us. some can barely hold on. i need vindication, to see my God show up for me. i feel abandoned and He ain't talkin. my only hope is i KNOW He's comin soon and all this will be over. bless you soul sistah.
Juan Aguilar
Fri, August 7 2015

From your new biggest fan!!!
Wed, August 5 2015

I like your writing style very much.
Billie K. Harris
Mon, August 3 2015

Betsy you are so right on. It is a joy to see a young lady such as yourself be so on fire for the Lord. Very inspirational. Thank you.
Patti Heddleson
Mon, August 3 2015

Your very inspiring
Lennie Joseph
Mon, August 3 2015

nice to be here
Fri, July 31 2015

I find your devotional very helpful...they pierce right to my dark hiding places. I would love to read your book...are they listed somewhere?
Melissa Shores
Mon, July 6 2015

I just read your book "All's Fair in Love and Cupcakes" I absolutly love this book. Thank you for writing such a sweet story that can be used in this day and age and relevant.
angie mcmin
Thu, July 2 2015

hi I cant wait to read your books! im so excited to have found u. You seem a really lovely person x
Linda Tarantula
Tue, June 16 2015

Just read your blog "It's okay" in "I Will Stand" on Facebook.
How beautifully and poignantly you describe what it is like to be a ChristIan who is divorced/divorcing and
the myriad and constantly changing emotions and beliefs that go with that process. Your words express what my heart has known and felt and even still feels. Thank you.

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