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Cheryl Dillon
Mon, January 26 2015

I just read one of your articles on divorce and feel as if the words were my own story, my own feelings! Thank you for being brave enough to speak about divorce in the church. I was in an abusive marriage for so long and never got the strength nor courage to leave. He finally filed due to his own infidelity. In this past year I lost my precious father, lost my mother to mental illness and husband to infidelity. I give praise for my children's support and the people God is putting in my life to help me along this journey! Bless your ministry and please pray the Lord blesses me with alimony , especially due to my health situation.

Gravatar lucy
Wed, January 21 2015

hello betsy this was great I learned a lot of healing and how to cope with it just about thank-u u are gods blessing for the world out there lucy
lana roberts
Tue, January 20 2015

loved your articles, looking forward to following you.
The Lord bless you.

lana roberts
Erin DeBusk
Thu, January 15 2015

Can't wait to follow your blogs!
Bukie Coast
Thu, January 15 2015

I enjoyed the Write up on Comfort zone becoming Danger zone
Thu, January 15 2015

Hi Betsy
I just wanted to stop by & let you know how much your message to the Christian Divorced Woman blessed me.You story is so me with the exception of having a child but, its trully" ME"...Please don't stop what you're doing because, you are trully an angel sent from God with, a realness that only a person that has encountered such a devastating act could or would know about.THANK YOU & GOD BLESS YOU MY SISTER.
Thu, January 15 2015

You truly have a gift ... To sum up in one small piece of writing - the understanding of a situation many struggle to grasp for years is heavensent! Wherever life takes you - always keep writing ... God has given you a wonderful talent! You are a blessing to read!
Wed, January 14 2015

Your thoughts/beliefs on Comfort/Danger Zones caught my attention. I have been going through unbelievable realizations/epiphanies in my life that I can't explain; but, I'm realizing now that with each relationship I had; I didn't consider. (nor ever thought) if I was "healed" yet for myself before even considering forming another relationship.....God is very much in my life now...I call out to Him everyday for Guidance, Patience....listening and looking for the signs He will give me when He is ready, (or I am) would be great to read something daily/weekly from you.....quite an inspiration!
Tue, January 13 2015

Hi Betsey, I really enjoyed your article on Crosswalk about divorced women. Even though I am a man, it resonated with me, and my divorce experience. I feel a little out of place here, don't see any other men who have signed your guestbook :) Keep up the God work, in the trenches with you!!!
Tue, January 13 2015

I read your article on Christian women and divorce and wanted to say "thank you!" What a great article and so inspirational! How can I follow your blog?

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