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Thu, August 22 2013

I loved "49 shades of gray" ... I can truly relate ... keep up the "God" work!!!
Thu, August 22 2013

maria carrasco
Thu, July 25 2013

Hi , Great article you wrote , and so true.. I never realized I should use scripture when praying, will do it now.

Thanks so much!

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Cheryl sumler
Wed, July 17 2013

Thank you!!!!!!!! I read your article Plugging into Prayer. God is Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cheryl sumler
Wed, July 17 2013

Thank you!!!!!!!! I needed to read this. Awesome God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eyvonne Williams
Mon, July 15 2013

Hi, just wanted to say after reading your post this morning, it has totally refreshed my prayer time....isn't it just amazing how God does things...first the lady then you, then others as related by their emails, and now me..."one can chase a thousand and two ten-thousand and so on and so on.." the seed you have sown today by sharing has already "mustard tree" :}....Bless you, and your beautiful family..
Janet Settle
Mon, July 15 2013

I absolutely loved your article Plugging into Prayer. It made more sense than anything about prayer that I have read in a very long time. I have printed it out and will keep it with me in purse at all times. That way I will have a reference for times I need to stop and look up situations for prayer. At least until I get used to it this way. Thank you so very much.

Love in Christ,
Janet Settle
Mon, July 15 2013

Hi Betsy! I read your awesome post on and wanted to tell you thank you! You opened my eyes to a totally new way of praying scripture. It makes total sense to plug in the name of who I am praying for and their need in the appropriate scripture. It makes everything more real and heartfelt; more specific for someone instead of a generic blanket prayer. I subscribed to your blog and can not wait to read more of what God has placed on your heart to share. Hugs!
Mon, July 15 2013

Good morning,

I think you and the Lord God Almighty for that woman of God that He placed next to you at that table and you you putting pen to paper and sharing the experience.

You have touch many including my self. Continue in His grace the good work He has bless you with.

In His grace and faithful reader,
Gravatar gailignevabe
Thu, July 11 2013

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