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Fri, May 17 2013

hi,nice to see a smiling face.i know god is watching over me as well as your family.i pray that he will richly bless your life as well as mine.;)rebeccah in va
Serena Abdelaziz
Thu, May 9 2013

God's richest blessings on you as you seek His face.
Wed, May 8 2013

You have got very well info on this web-site.
Oluchi Ihekuna
Tue, May 7 2013

Thank you for your article on Letting go or Giving up... It was truly an eye opener, considering the fact that I probably played the "tug of war" without even knowing itm God bless your ministry.
Lois Kateebire
Mon, May 6 2013


God richly bless you for the profitable way you are using your talents to bless and lift those down cast due little faith your Article on on Letting go has spoken to me so vividly that I feel so good inside of me. My faith is lifted up.

Bless you
Karen Williams
Fri, May 3 2013

Loved you writing.
Yvonne Face
Mon, April 29 2013

I really enjoyed reading your article about "Faith Outside the Box". Thank you for sharing it with us. It made me think about what kind of box I have been putting God in. It's always nice to read something and get a little more clarity. Thank you for inviting me to visit your site. Have a blessed day!

Louise Lanthier
Tue, April 9 2013

Loved your article about faith in a box.thanks.
Gravatar Jillian courcy
Tue, April 9 2013

Thank you for the recent out of the box blog. I have been asking myself why do I believe what I believe. This summed it up for me and help me to realize how I need to make adjustments in my walk with The Lord. I hadn't thought of it being faith in faith but you hit it head on. God bless you and your ministry,
Hyacinth Snow
Wed, March 27 2013

Thank you for inviting me into your literary space. I thoroughly enjoyed just browsing and enjoying the beautiful scenery of that which is your gift to us. It was my absolute pleasure meeting you and yours.

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