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Shelly Harmon
Fri, February 8 2013

Wow. I just read your article on praying scripture and there is no doubt the Lord led me to you. Praying is something that I feel I am not very good at. I received a call from my pastor's wife a little while ago asking me if I would commit to praying for one hour during our church's 24 hour prayer session that starts tonight. I said yes and immediately felt myself fumbling in the dark. Then I found your article on Thank you so much for sharing. I am looking forward to seeing what the Lord reveals to me tonight and from here on out! Thank you thank you thank you!
Carol Nichols
Fri, February 8 2013

There are NO COINCIDES indeed. One of my ongoing questions admittedly is: how should I pray. My Dad (most wonderful Christian man I have ever known) was my spiritual mentor,and I lost him (and heaven gained another saint) a couple years ago. I should have talked to him more about this, but you always think there will be a tomorrow. He did tell me one time that he, personally, did not pray for himself, despite his poor health. He felt, I think, like that was a bit selfish, he prayed for others. I never sat down and asked him how to pray. What am I supposed to say, how do I say it? Growing up in a Christian family, Baptist specifically, I have heard the prayers of others, and being absolutely honest, am not eloquent with all the thee thy therefore language that has helped saved and comforted me all my life. The "Lord's Prayer" pretty much sums up my prayer request, but that doesn't have a "space" to insert specific requests and to say "God bless my friend Pete" who is actually just before undergoing brain surgery for the second time since 2000, isn't enough. I WOULD LIKE TO SEE ANYTHING ELSE YOU MAY HAVE WRITTEN ON HOW TO PRAY. I believe God brought me to your site this am via praying scriptures on Crosswalk.
Fri, February 8 2013

Praise God. This is so inspiring.
May God bless your ministry as u an intercessor for the needy.
Thu, February 7 2013

I would love to get ur book
Sarah Richmond
Tue, February 5 2013

I would love to get your newsletter!!!
Thanks and God Bless!!!
Sarah Richmond
Wilma Frana
Tue, December 25 2012

I love your books.
Mabel O.
Tue, September 25 2012

I just finished "Confessions of a PK". I liked it! I'm a PK too!:)
Fri, August 31 2012

Hey, I just wanted to say hi! I heard of you through Erynn Mangum and thought I'd drop you a note! You have the cutest website, by the way. :)
Marisa West
Sun, August 12 2012

Hi Betsy, I just finished reading "Addison Blakley: Confessions of a PK."
It was my first book by you and I loved it!!
John Bivens
Thu, July 12 2012

Just sitting here at church with Theo McLemore. You may know him or so he says. I am anxious to check out your books.

God bless

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