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JoJo Sutis
Fri, April 9 2010

Hi Betsy! We met in line for Karen Kingsbury. It's funny how God crosses our paths with other sisters in Christ. So much fun talking to you. My husband surprised me with an autographed copy of "Return to Love" for Christmas. As I said, it was my absolute fave gift! I look forward to your next release- (keep 'em coming girl!) God has blessed you with an amazing talent, hope He crosses our paths again soon.
Take care & God bless.
Fri, February 5 2010

I am halfway through A Valentine's Wish and am in love with this story. I am so excited that I have discovered you and cannot wait to read future books. Thanks so much!
Fri, February 5 2010

Hey Betsy,

I just bought your book, "A Valentine's Wish" as a birthday present to myself...I am on chapter 3--and already I LOVE it!!! I have been in a reading slump lately--but, am just sailing through yours and I am so excited to find a book that has captured my interest again! I LOVE books that deal with "best friends" falling in love--since I am actually married to my best friend!!! I was also excited to find a young, hip Christian-fiction writer! Thanks for sharing your stories! I am a fan!!!!


Cheri Parks
Thu, September 24 2009

I just won your book in the drawing that Elizabeth Younts had. I am excited and look forward to reading it. I thought I'd check out the author first!
Rev. John Billings
Sun, August 30 2009

I just read your profile on Shoutlife. I never heard of you, but the books that you are writing sounds good. I am going to buy. Keep us updated on all of your books. God Bless your gift of writing.
Edna Tollison
Sun, August 30 2009

I think I am too late to sign up for the book give away, hope not as I just found this on Shoutlife. Hope you are enjoyine your little daughter, I know I did mine, had 3 boys and then a girl, gave her to God and she is a mother herself and a very fine Christian.


Thu, August 27 2009

Hey Betsy! It's your facebook "we were preggo together" friend. :) I really like this new site. Actually, I emailed you through facebook a while ago just to tell you how much I liked it! hehe It is very professional. The colors are a great combination! I'm not sure what I like specifically- I just love the whole look of it.

I had to sign up! I am still looking forward to reading one of your books.

Thu, August 27 2009

Hey Betsy! I've been checking in here every couple days since "meeting" you on Scribble Chicks. I love the layout, the bright colors, and most of all the polkadots on your blog page! The whole thing is really easy to navigate and puts forth a happy, friendly vibe. Nicely done!

I saw you were doing a giveaway of your book, so of course, I had to enter! I can't wait to read it!
Stacy Dube
Sun, August 16 2009

Hi Betsy,

I love your website, I especially like the part about liking chocolate and lots of Coke. I have 6 1/2 year old twin boys, and I allow myself some dark chocolate (good for the heart), & need the caffeine in the soda to help me get through the frustrating times with the twins. I also like the story about the polka-dot shoes.

I just finished reading your book Return to Love, and I loved it. I originally chose the book because I liked the picture of the street car on the front, and actually thought the book took place in California. I was not familiar much with Louisiana, and enjoyed the names of the various places where they got the Gumbo, (good name for the penguin too), and found much humor in the penguin display story.

I was going to ask if there would be a sequel to this, but my question was answered on your website.

Thanks for a great story, and am looking forward to the next one.

Fri, August 14 2009

Hi Betsy! I'm also a writer...though yet unpub'd. I saw a link to your site through Allison Pittman's site (she's the leader of my writing group...LOVE HER). I am thrilled to see such a young voice in Christian publication. I love your site & would love to learn more about how you balance being a young mom and writing! Were you pub'd before motherhood & again after or all after your first baby? I am 31 and have a 2 year old. She's fabulous but, of course, zaps almost all of my energy. :-) How do you cope? A lot of coffee & chocolate? Energy drinks? Miracle energy from the Lord! :-) Would love to hear more. I write contemporary women's christian fiction...just started my first project post Felicity's birth...finished chpt 2 this week. has been such a journey just to get to this project period!

Elizabeth Byler Younts


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