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April Books4Juliet
Wed, November 9 2011

I am new to this site and I'm happy to be here. I will start to read Addison Blakely today, I got the e-book from NetGalley. I'm excited to read it, and I will let you know when I finish my review. =) Thank you for the eBook! =) Cheers!
mariana Gr
Tue, September 6 2011

bets... i'm in love with Addison Blakely: Confession Of A PK, it's amazing, over all it's SO funny, can't stop laughing, such a good mix of love,goofy things, sarcasm... it's perfect congratulations.

God bless you now and always... best wishes from mexico
Wed, August 31 2011

Your grandmother came by today and brought me your lastest book, Fireman Dad. I am ready to read it and give back to her for the library!
Mon, August 15 2011

Dear Betsy,

I loved reading Fireman Dad, but was saddened to learn that your husband, who was a fireman, was laid off from his job. My husband had 31 years with the Denver Fire Department. I know he loved his job. I hope your husband has found another fire department that will hire him.

I will look forward to your next book.
Shelley Ring
Sun, August 14 2011

Betsy! What a pleasure it is to find you and read of your life as a momma, a wife, and a writer. You encourage me! Wishing you continued blessings and success in your career and life. :)
Sun, August 14 2011

Betsy I love the new photos on your website!! The umbrella one is so cute. I'm SO excited for all the success you've had since I met you on shoutlife months before we both got pregnant the same time! You are an amazing multi-tasking momma!!
Andrea R.
Sun, August 14 2011


I love seeing how popular you are becoming! It's so exciting. And I am 100% serious when I say I cannot WAIT for your next book to come out at the start of next year. I will get a copy for sure! I can't wait for our s'mores/bagel bites/other unhealthy food date soon!

With much love, of course,
Angela scott
Sun, August 14 2011

Hey Betsy,
I haven't started reading your books yet but I'm very excited to start! Next time I'm in barnes and noble I'm gonna get at least one!! You have such a beautiful family! Your post on Facebook about Little Miss keep me smiling! I'm looking forward to having children some day soon!! Hope to see many more books from you!!
Angela Scott
Kelly Lumpkin
Sun, August 14 2011

Hey Becky! I haven't read a book yet, but this a great way to get started!! Thanks for the give away!!!
Laura J
Sun, August 14 2011

I've read a few of your books and look forward to reading your new book. Thanks for letting me enter to win it. :)

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