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Thu, February 11 2016

Lovely site, Betsy!
Gail Helgeson
Thu, February 4 2016

Good evening! Love your site! I am preparing for Deep THinkers with Susan May WArren and Rachel Hauck coming up in just a few weeks! I have so much to learn with writing, but I sure am loving it!
I am on a self imposed deadline of August 8 to get my rough draft finished! I am really looking forward to gleaning from the retreat. I do believe it all is part of God's timing in having me go for such a time as this! I love the verse in Ephesians ...3:20...Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine...My word for the year...IMAGINE!!

I just may need you for content editing when this draft gets done!!
Blessings to you.
Gail Helgeson
Kelsey Godfrey
Tue, January 19 2016

Hi Betsy! I'm currently reading "All's Fair in Love and Cupcakes". My friend bought it for me as a Christmas present, she knows I love to read and I also love to bake. I'm notorious for starting a book and then stopping halfway because I get distracted with other things in life, but I can honestly say I haven't been able to put this book down! If you have any more books published I will be finding them and reading them asap. You have such an amazing talent and it's great to you putting it to good use to glorify God.

With love,
Your sister in Christ, Kelsey G
Wed, December 2 2015

I am so happy to have came across your blog, what a inspiration you are. Please if you have a newsletter etc add me!
His Love
Mary Ryan
Mon, October 5 2015

Just finished reading alls fair in love SNF cupcakes..loved it !!! Hope and pray you will do a series on Kat and Lucas and of course sweetie pies,you are refreshing and spirit filled,I have 2 granddaughters,and a daughter,30 yrs old,I love and cherish each relationship, God is Love
Fri, September 25 2015

Hi Betsy
I just read your article on *What every Christian Women should know about Divorce*.....I have used this word *It's Ok* for many many years after my Divorce(and still do)...I've felt every single word spoken in your article...The pain of loving a man that has cheated on you...The feeling of hopelessness, shame, anger and forgiveness.....etc etc.....Thank you for expressing my exact feelings...
Know that God is good and with you always.....
Sat, September 5 2015

just read your "what every christian woman should know about divorce".... all i can say is wow and thanks. i wish i had a single moms event to plan and invite you!!! there are not enough single mom support groups. even my church was cold about it. i believe we are the american version of widows and orphans the bible talks about. pray for us. some can barely hold on. i need vindication, to see my God show up for me. i feel abandoned and He ain't talkin. my only hope is i KNOW He's comin soon and all this will be over. bless you soul sistah.
Juan Aguilar
Fri, August 7 2015

From your new biggest fan!!!
Wed, August 5 2015

I like your writing style very much.
Billie K. Harris
Mon, August 3 2015

Betsy you are so right on. It is a joy to see a young lady such as yourself be so on fire for the Lord. Very inspirational. Thank you.

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