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Gravatar miss getway
Mon, May 4 2015

Hello.Could you please let me know about your guestbook?I'm not married but I read useful articles about life happenings.Thank you.
Thu, April 30 2015

I'm considering finding ur sight a gift from God. I'm scared, I love Jesus with all my heart, but know a divorce is best. BUT I HAVE MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS, U CANT TELL I have it, BUT CANT WORK OUTSIDE HOME, 3 KIDS. Do I stay in loveless abusive/ mental too much to type, but if ud like to know I'll share, not to divorce, not to be alone?? Or take a risk that even though in 40s, I might find love and Jesus wants better for me? I just know I'm worth it, at 43 it's like my eyes have been opened I see things clearly and my biggest regret is NOT leaving sooner
Thu, April 9 2015

Hello Betsy,
I am new here to your writings, books, etc. I came across you on Facebook and I love to write, so you caught my eye. I'm in California and just wanted to stop by and say "hello". Looking forward to reading some of your books! Best wishes....
Kristine A.
Mon, April 6 2015

Hi Betsy! I read your blog about giving up and letting go. It was amazing. I felt blessed and realized that in all that we do we have to let go and trust that we have Jesus at our back specially now that I'm going through tough time of being at mid-20s. God really knows when and what do I need at all times. Be blessed always Betsy! :')
janet van lieu
Sat, March 7 2015

thank you for you encouraging words about divorce
it is EXACTLY how I feel most of the time satan as been
busy destroying many marriages and now mine
30 years with the man if my dreams and 4 years of SEPERATION
the divorce will be final soon I can hardly breath at times knowing that
I will be single at 51 Not what my plan was for my family
or me but infidelity had taken over my husband and I was
not good enough for him his love for SELF got in the way
I know God is in control and I have always been ready
to work things out but trust is a hard thing to get back and now I
feel LOST God help me and my family and (keith)
i still use his name for my email (go figure)
Mon, February 9 2015

Hi, I read your article on divorce. The part that talks about "its Ok". I cried thru most of it. Its exactly how I feel. Its been a year now being separated from my husband. Divorce should be finalized in a couple of months. There are nights when I feel like my heart is breaking. I have found comfort in God and the church. I feel like the pain will never stop. Thank you for understanding.
Cheryl Dillon
Mon, January 26 2015

I just read one of your articles on divorce and feel as if the words were my own story, my own feelings! Thank you for being brave enough to speak about divorce in the church. I was in an abusive marriage for so long and never got the strength nor courage to leave. He finally filed due to his own infidelity. In this past year I lost my precious father, lost my mother to mental illness and husband to infidelity. I give praise for my children's support and the people God is putting in my life to help me along this journey! Bless your ministry and please pray the Lord blesses me with alimony , especially due to my health situation.

Gravatar lucy
Wed, January 21 2015

hello betsy this was great I learned a lot of healing and how to cope with it just about thank-u u are gods blessing for the world out there lucy
lana roberts
Tue, January 20 2015

loved your articles, looking forward to following you.
The Lord bless you.

lana roberts
Erin DeBusk
Thu, January 15 2015

Can't wait to follow your blogs!

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