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Michelle Ross
Mon, January 5 2015

Hello Betsy,

I just wanted to thank you for being real in your blog, "What Every Christian Woman Should Know About Divorce." As I was reading it, I thought to myself, "Finally, someone who gets it!" I was excited to read something that was written by a Christian who chose not to sugar coat things. The truth is that we're all human and sometimes we do get ugly; but, the difference lies in how we handle that ugliness--whether we choose to acknowledge it, confess it, repent, reconcile if possible, and move foward knowing that we've been forgiven by God or whether we choose to continue to walk blindly in that ugliness. I had a really tough time going through mine because I was either surrounded by those who'd never personally experienced it (who all meant well, but were the worst encourageers) or those who were experiencing it, but were hiding behind anything and everything that would prevent them from actually experiencing its effects, not allowing themselves to learn and grow from it. Although I still have "moments" of those "God, it's SO not fair!" tantrums, the "Why do I have to be the responsible one?" fits, and the "I wish I could just live in my own bubble for the rest of my days on Earth" daydreams, I can still recognize how God has been working (and continues to work) in my life towards healing and a better life. Once again, thank you, Betsy, for being real.
Cheryl Higgins
Sun, January 4 2015

Great blog. I also love historical romances. Can i sign up for your blog and news please?
Cheryl Higgins
Sun, January 4 2015

Great blog. I also love historical romances. Can i sign up for your blog and news please?
Elwin Mehlbrech
Sun, January 4 2015

Just stumbled onto your site and fo u nd it intriguing. Looking forward to exploring more.
Sat, January 3 2015

Read an article through a link posted by FB friend! Look forward to finding your novels and giving them a good read!
Debbie Brown
Sat, January 3 2015

Hi Betsy! I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed ready your article on divorce and IT'S OKAY. Every detail and situation you listed I went through in my divorce 5 years ago and still feel a lot of those same emotions. THANK YOU for confirming that it IS okay to feel all of these emotions and it WILL all be better one day. A friend shared your article on Facebook. I'm so glad I clicked on it and read it. I almost didn't. After 21 years of marriage, my husband said he wasn't "in love" with me anymore. I felt my soul being ripped from my body.....slowly. It took a year and a half to accept it and learn to live with it because he had moved on and I knew I needed to eventually put on my proverbial big girl panties and do the same. It took me that whole first year and a half to LET IT GO and realize IT'S OKAY and I WAS GOING TO BE OKAY!!!! After reading your article, it was confirmation that all of my feelings were very natural after divorce and still having some of those feelings.....well.....IT'S OKAY!!!!!!!!
I saw in your blog that you're from Louisiana. Shreveport? Or maybe you just did a book signing there at Barnes and Noble in December. I was just at that store last night. I'm from GA (Go Dogs!!!) but visiting my sister who lives in Bossier City. I believe I'll be going back to Barnes and Noble before I leave to go back to Georgia and hopefully find a couple of your books to read on the ride home. By the way, I have NEVER been one to just read books. I can count on both hands the total number of books I've ever read. You have struck a nerve deep down in my heart and soul and I want to hear more. THANK YOU for using your God-given talent so that it might touch others. God bless you in your future writings and success!!
David Ingerson
Sun, December 21 2014

Hello Betsy,

My wife, Kathleen, met you when sitting in for me at a book signing at the Shreveport Barnes&Noble on Saturday, Oct 18th. Thank you for graciously sharing some useful information with her. I would like to speak to you and ask a couple questions. If you are available to take a call, perhaps you can send me a phone number where you can be reached.

Thanks and merry Christmas,
David Ingerson
Gravatar RichardMa
Sat, December 20 2014

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Gravatar Amber Mann
Tue, December 2 2014

Just finished All's Fair in Love and Cupcakes and I just wanted to tell you how much I loved it! Seriously best book I've read all year. I'm a chef so it appealed to me all the way around. I never read modern day romances but I'm so glad I gave your book a shot. Can't wait to read other things by you.
Glenda Losaba
Thu, October 16 2014


I read your article on "4 Lessons God taught me about not losing heart." I am encouraged

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