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Fri, August 1 2014

Hey Betsy! I'm Emily and I'm a teenager and I just wanted to tell you about how much I love you're book 'Addison Blakely:confessions of a PK' it's AWESOME!! It is sooo true to my teenage life!! I really am enjoying reading and soon to be re-reading it! I love it soo much! I can't help but talk about to anyone and everyone that will listen! And to find out that the book follows my Christian beliefs made it even better! This book totally explains what happens in the teenage girls' life living with God and tryin to fit-in with the rest of crowd. This book has and will effect everyone who reads's just that good!! I can't wait to read the rest of your books-can't chose which one to read next! They all sound really good :) - I'm totally you're newest, proudest -to have found you- fan!

PS: It's August AND I can't wait for the new book to come out!!
PSS: I think I found my new favorite Christian author!!

Lots of love and blessings and prayers heading your way!
~Emily H. 8/1/14
Wed, July 30 2014

I really enjoyed reading your article.
Tue, July 29 2014

I just loved "When You Feel Like the Prodigal Daughter" this really relates to women on so many different levels. Awesome website and blog.

Really excited! about checking out some of the books you have written. You truly have a gift.Just continue to allow God to use you. Looking forward to more articles.

Blessings on you,
God Speed!!

Judy St.Ama
Fri, July 18 2014

Love your website and all of your books.
Gravatar Morty
Wed, July 16 2014

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Genuine Jenn
Tue, May 27 2014

Hi! Just stopping by to check out your site & look for your social media links for my review post of A February Bride. Thanks :)
Deborah Perry
Mon, May 26 2014

Love your website
Wed, February 5 2014

Thank you. Great site!
Tue, February 4 2014

I really loved "Don't Trade Your Blessings for a Bowl..." Wow, you really broke that biblical incident down! I had never thought of it that way so thank you. You made a lot of sense. I glanced over your site and I love your premise. Keep it up! And thank you.
Hery Maria Mwamanenge
Mon, February 3 2014


Your story got me right red handed. I traded my blessings for a relationship and I was almost about to trade my heirship in Christ for marriage!

I cant stop thanking God for His loving kindness because HE put an end to that relationship and now I am patiently waiting for my God appointed husband!

Be blessed Betsy

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