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Gravatar Nicole Langlois
Mon, February 3 2014

Your website is really cool!
Thu, January 30 2014

I enjoyed and could identify so much with your article!"Don't Trade Your Blessings" I wanted to get to know the Woman of God! that wrote it! I did that! It is taking me a long time to move on and forgive myself. I know! God! has forgiven me, and does not even remember. Thank you! for saying! and encouragement tomove on!

Anna Catherine
Wed, January 1 2014

You're a great author! Enjoyed your website!
Tue, December 10 2013

Whats a gravatar? Hi betsy its me roxie. We met at the Hub - downtown shreveport - a few weeks ago. Wow, you've been busy. I love your website...great choice of colors and navigates easily. I welcome emails when you're NOT busy - lol. Have a great week !!
Cyd Notter
Sun, November 24 2013

Hi Betsy! It's me, Cyd, from the Captivating Retreat in October! I hope you are well. I have not received any e-mails from Tink with the list of everyone's e-mail, but luckily I had your card and could reach out. I like your website! I'll be seriously working on my book after Christmas, and I'll keep you in mind for critiques. My website is Have a great Thanksgiving! We serve a great God, He is good all the time. We are grateful! Cyd
Tue, November 19 2013

I really enjoyed your article on crosswalk about staying on the table and healing only comes through pain. What an insight. Thanks for being open to the Lord and writing the article. 3years out from a divorce and trying to put my heart out there again and find a partner. Thanks again!

Mon, November 18 2013

I just loved your story today to "stay on the table". It was great, and
yes, it has been me also. Thank you for opening up my heart today, and I
will continue reading your items, God bless, KL
Thu, November 7 2013

I have so enjoyed your books that Krystle has been so wonderful to share with me!!!!! I am so glad to find your blog!!!!! Can't wait to catch up!
Tina Mason
Sun, November 3 2013

Hey Betsy! It's Tina, your next door bunk mate from Captivating! Finally got a chance to look at your site. I love it! Very excited for you. Never got a room mate email list, did you? Contact me privately when you have time. Hope things are going well as to what we prayed about for you! Look forward to hearing from you! Tina
Gravatar Betsy St. Amant
Thu, September 19 2013

Hi Irene! I'm answering you here since I didn't see how to write you back privately. My romance novels are clean romances suitable for teenagers or your great grandma ;) My YA novel, ADDISON BLAKELY, CONFESSIONS OF A PK, is a young adult story geared for ages 15 and up. I think your 15 and 19 year old would both enjoy it. All of my novels are romance and faith filled :)

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